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In the bustling symphony of life, your body’s cells are the virtuosos, orchestrating the harmonious rhythms of health and vitality. Yet, in today’s fast-paced world, our cells face challenges from oxidative stress, inflammation, and the ever-persistent threat of free radicals.

Enter CellCare, a revolutionary breakthrough in cellular health formulated with an all plant –based natural ingredients: Astaxanthin, Curcumin and Silybum Marianum.

Our promise is simple:

  1. Reduce the oxidative stress on your cells
  2. Repair them from the damage caused by free radicals
  3. Protect them from the harm of harmful molecules


This formulation is done by MarinEx Pharma with more than 20 years of experience in dealing with marine extracts.  Using proven ingredients, we are here to make sure that CellCare do not just work, but have the ability to be safe when taken long term with the least side effects.

Packing size
1 Bottle of 30 capsules
1 bottle =  $79.90
3 bottle =  $227.75 (5% discount)


Overall product Benefits:


How Do I Consume MarinEx CellCare? 

  • It is recommended to take 2 capsules daily for the first week.
  • 1 to 2 capsules subsequently depending on your needs
  • You can take 1-2 capsules 1 hour before consuming alcohol to reduce liver damage OR 1-2 capsules after alcohol to improve liver health

Additional information

Packing Size

1 bottle, 3 bottles (5% discount)

2 reviews for MarinEx CellCare

  1. Gabriel Lim

    I had tried this supplement for about 2-3 weeks, I think it really did works for me the next day after a heavy drinking session. I felt my hangover wasn’t as bad as before, and I can be sober and fresh enough for an important appointment next day at noon time!

  2. Danny Lee

    A friend of mine recommended this supplement to me, saying it is supposed to protects & repairs of cells in my body. Will give it a try by buying it now. Hope it works well.

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