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Collagen Soy (OsteoSoy®) is a functional food, that contains high content of marine (fish) collagen, calcium (3x of soymilk) and 100% organic de-skinned, non-GMO soya beans and no cane sugar added. It has a potentially positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition. It is considered to offer additional benefits that may promote optimal health.

Packing size
24 packs (1 pack 26gm x 12 sachets)
*1 sachet = $0.73 per serving
1 pkt = $13.20
3 pkt = $38.40 (3% discount)
6 pkt = $72.90 (8% discount)
24 pkt = $253.50 (20% discount)

Click on the link to understand more about it and how to make the perfect cup of OsteoMilk and Soy!



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Additional information

Packing Size

1 pkt, 3 Pkt (3% discount), 6 pkt (8% discount), 24 pkt (20% discount)

38 reviews for OsteoSoy

  1. Cecelia Chan PN

    I’ve never been a fan of traditional soy milk, but this osteosoy has changed the mind. This organic soy milk is not just a health boost but also a flavor drink!

  2. Doris Sim Bee Lian

    Refreshing soy milk for my kids every night, me and hubby drink it for every breakfast. Nice soy milk for everyone in my family.

  3. Jason Tay Wei Sern

    I used to buy the skim milk one at NTUC finest but it has stopped selling. Glad I found it on their website here. This time round decided to try the organic soy milk one. Is a good snack with good ingredients.

  4. Meyla May

    Ideal soya bean drink for healthy body, yummy when drink it cold

  5. Catherine Soo Leng

    This soy milk is not only good for your bones but also for your taste buds. Osteosoy has become a delicious and nutritious part of my daily routine.

  6. Diana Low PS

    I’ve been drinking this osteosoy soya milk with collagen, high calcium, and vitamin D for few month now, and I can’t believe the difference it’s made in my skin. It’s incredibly convenient to get all these benefits in one delicious package. Highly recommended!

  7. Farare299

    Received fast and in good condition for every order. For my grandma. She loves it.

  8. Brenda Mummy

    Tasty soya drink!

  9. Colin Joseph Chee

    I’m lactose intolerant, and this soymilk is a great substitute. The added collagen, calcium, and vitamin D are a wonderful combo for overall health. Plus it’s creamy and delicious, so now no more missing out on dairy!

  10. ChiLingTeo

    Have been eating this soymilk for many years, good product, trustworthy, logistics is very fast, received the goods the next day.

  11. SleepyDaisy

    I’m happy with this soymilk. The collagen is a great addition for my skin, and the high calcium and vitamin D are excellent for my overall health. Taste good too!

  12. pas***

    Nice tasting soy milk without sugar, good for joint health.

  13. Stephanie tan hh

    I love this soy drink! The addition of collagen is a plus point. Not only does it taste great, but it also makes my skin feel smoother. The high calcium and vitamin D content are a fantastic bonus for strengthening my bones. Highly recommend buying and trying it yourself!

  14. SaraSierra

    I love the convenience of having collagen, high calcium, and vitamin D all in one sachet of soy milk. It is so convenient to bring it around to my office or when I’m traveling for work.

  15. Vivienne Chua WT

    Incredible, delivery was next day so only order when you are running out of supply. Have been drinking this brand of soy milk for years because of its zero-sugar content.

  16. Leong Winnie

    As someone who’s lactose intolerant, I’ve been searching for a dairy-free milk that’s rich in calcium and vitamin D. Osteosoy with collagen is not only yummy but also supports my bones. Love it much!

  17. zhouwanting

    I’ve been drinking this for a long time, it’s has low sugar and is healthy as a long term beverage for me. Expiry is long, will continue to buy.

  18. lieanna07

    1st bought for my mother, but we ended up sharing them. My mum shared that she is able to stand on her feet longer not as previously where she will feel pain in her knees if she stands too long. Taste exactly like soya bean.

  19. Jeshinlaw

    Have been drinking osteosoy and osteomilk for several years. So far so good! Will always replenish again once stock low. Hopefully the price will still remain affordable.

  20. Lynn1981

    I was skeptical about this soymilk with collagen at first, but this product surprised me. My hair and nails feel healthier, and my bones feel stronger. Plus, it’s a fantastic source of calcium and vitamin D.

  21. twatting

    Love this drink with high calcium and low sugar. This is my second time ordering in bulk. Order only when stock is low because delivery is incredibly fast.

  22. Fish***09

    My kids love this soymilk! It’s a win-win with the collagen for their growing bones and the high calcium and vitamin D for their strong teeth. I appreciate a healthy option that they enjoy.

  23. Winnie Wong

    Very happy with my purchase. Have been drinking this soy milk for quite a while already. My aunties n mom love this drink too.

  24. Shatish Qumah

    Very good soya product, I have been eating this product all the time, it is worth recommending.

  25. ERACarrieHoo

    Nice soya bean drink! My kiddos love it so much, and it is full of goodness….

  26. Clarelynn Soo

    Just found out that i can buy this soya milk online at this website, used to buy it from NTUC last time and it stopped selling for quite a while. Nice soya milk with lotsa goodness, and its delicious too!

  27. Lawrance Kee Yoong Ming

    Ordered multiple times already. Good old breakfast drink for me because it is a convenient way to have the morning breakfast. Not too sweet, so it’s healthy.

  28. Ceceliaxxx

    You can drink this soymilk either hot or cold, convenient to drink it as it is packed in sachet. Every day i just bring one ot two sacs to office.

  29. GekLeng

    This soya milk really improved a lot on my complexion after drinking it for like ard 3 years. I used to buy it in NTUC but now i cant find it there anymore, and i can only buy it online which is not as convenient as before though.

  30. dopey_84

    This soya bean milk is cheaper than the one selling at shopping mall! It is packed with loads of goodness for a healthier body too! Nice~~

  31. Mrs.Ganhl

    I’ve been drinking this soymilk for a while now, and I’ve noticed an improvement in my joint health thanks to the collagen. The high calcium and vitamin D are crucial for older folks like me. It tastes fantastic, and I feel more energetic now.

  32. Wind***y

    My kids and me love iced osteosoy! Yummy!

  33. Ken**chong

    I love the taste of this soya milk, and the fact that it’s packed with collagen and other goodies makes it a top choice for my morning drink. It satisfied both my health and taste buds!

  34. Cindy+John

    My mum has been drinking Osteosoy for years, it was only recently that me and my sister also started drinking it. Never expected that it tastes so good, we like it so much that we have to fight for the last sachet 2 nights ago. So now i have to buy in bulk for the 3 of us! hahaha

  35. Peggy Mona

    I had osteosoy mix together with my meal replacement supplement, it is so nice and refreshing especially when i drink it cold!

  36. Ximen

    Drinking this osteosoy has been a routine in my family. The combination of soya bean milk, collagen, high calcium, and vitamin D makes it perfect for our active family. We enjoy the flavor and the added health benefits that it gives us.

  37. Joy

    My children love Osteosoy

  38. Tay Seoh Leng

    I was diagnosed with osteoporosis since 5 years ago and my doctor advised me to take more calcium. I happened to come across Osteosoy online and I have drinking everyday one glass since. I really like it and would recommend to anyone because of its high calcium and low fat. It also has vitamin D which is important as it helps to increase the efficiency of calcium absorption. Preparing the soymilk is very simple. Just dissolve in a glass of warm water and stir.
    Osteosoy can help in strengthen our bones and enhances physique. Highly recommended.

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