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OsteoMilk® is a functional food, that contains a high content of marine (fish) collagen, calcium (2x of fresh milk), vitamin D, and skim milk from New Zealand. It has a potentially positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition. It is considered to offer additional benefits that may promote optimal health.

Packing size
24 packs (1 pack x 12 sachets)
*1 sachet = $1.00 per serving
1 pkt = $15.00
3 pkt = $43.65 (3% discount)
6 pkt = $82.80 (8% discount)
24 pkt = $288 (20% discount)

Click on the link to understand more about it and how to make the perfect cup of OsteoMilk and Soy!


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Additional information

Packing Size

1 pkt, 3 Pkt (3% discount), 6 pkt (8% discount), 24 pkt (20% discount)

39 reviews for OsteoMilk

  1. Eunice Chua YL

    I’m not really a fan of dairy products, but this osteomilk skim milk with collagen is acceptable to me though. It’s not so creamy, it’s nutritious, and it keeps me stronger with calcium and vitamin D.

  2. Kee Hwee Pang Bonnie

    Tasty milk and you will not think that it is actually in powder form and require mixing with water, just like milo! Love it!

  3. Leow Carrie

    Osteomilk is a very good value for the health benefits it offers. The combination of collagen, high calcium, and vitamin D at this price is hard to find. I’ve made it a regular drink every morning and night.

  4. MillionTan

    Quite effective for bone health and since drink daily worth to get in bulk.

  5. thongquanyee

    The taste just taste like normal milk with x2 times calcium intake then normal milk, good for a 30 year old woman like me

  6. Damien Tang Kai Loon

    OsteoMilk is a game-changer! I’ve been struggling with joint discomfort for years, but since I started including this milk in my daily routine, I’ve noticed a significant improvement. It’s creamy and delicious, and the added calcium and vitamin D are great for overall bone health.

  7. Sunflowerseed

    This is a very good collagen calcium milk. Repeated order for many times, but if only it can be cheaper, will order every month.

  8. Bucks Bunny

    As a fitness enthusiast, I need all the support I can get for my joints. OsteoMilk is my go-to choice. The collagen in it gives me the extra edge in recovery, and the high calcium content is perfect for maintaining strong bones. A must-try for anyone active!

  9. Dorethy Sim

    My complexion got much better than before now, after drinking Osteomilk every day for the last 7 months.

  10. May Mae

    I switched to osteomilk with collagen for a lighter option without compromising on essential nutrients.

  11. peggy1980

    I’m impressed with the nutritional value of this skim milk. It’s a convenient way to get collagen, high calcium, and vitamin D all in one. The taste is excellent, and it’s a part of my daily health routine now.

  12. Desmond K

    My mum has been drinking Osteomilk for few years. Previously she bought them from NTUC but ever since covid she can’t find it in NTUC anymore. She refused to switch to other milk and insisted that i help her buy it thru marinex website, it has become her habit to drink osteomilk every morning.

  13. AtomAntzz

    OsteoMilk has become a must-have beverage in my family. It’s great for my kids growing bones, and I love that it supports my joint health too. Its a family drink now.

  14. mummycandy

    Yummy and healthy milk for my growing up children and an aging me! haha

  15. MissyTanny108

    I’m always on the lookout for cheap and good products that promote my family’s well-being. OsteoMilk is what we need for our household. Not only does it taste great, but it is cheap, and the added vitamins and collagen make it a nutritious choice for growing kids and adults like me and my hubby.

  16. Slm881904

    Repeated my bulk order again. Very good skim milk that my family is drinking regularly..

  17. @Lingling@

    My children love this milk, and as a parent, I’m glad that it comes with the added benefits. It’s good to know my sons are getting extra calcium and vitamin D, and the collagen is a plus for their growing bodies.

  18. Aunty Annie

    Osteomilk has been my regular beverage every morning and night for my breakfast and supper. Like the taste and how it keeps the pain at my kneecap away over the last 2 years, very good product!

  19. Azmin

    Great function! Great taste! Me and my kids love it!

  20. Suzy Er

    Have been drinking Osteomilk and Osteosoy for quite a while, it is a simple and yet not-so simple product with loads of goodness and taste. My parent is the one who recommended this to me, and we have been drinking this to replace coffee and tea for our breakfast. Both me and my mum have pretty good complexion by just drinking this!

  21. daphanie1314

    My mother has been drinking this milk for years. Helps to strengthen the bones especially for those with arthritis.
    Fast delivery.

  22. Dondondonkey

    Skim milk with collagen, high calcium, and vitamin D is a triple treat for health-conscious individuals like me. It’s not just a drink, it’s a wellness booster that I enjoy every day.

  23. Linda Loo Hwee Xin

    Delicious skim milk with so much goodness, thick and creamy just like fresh milk. Good milk for my children and me!

  24. Toonlip

    I’ve switched to this collagen-infused skim milk, and I can’t go back to other fresh milk. The benefits of high calcium and vitamin D are evident in how I feel, and the taste is fantastic. Great healthy drink

  25. June Goo

    I’ve been incorporating this collagen-infused skim milk into my diet for a while now, and I’ve noticed a positive impact on my skin and joints. I even used it to replace coconut milk in my curry, it tasted too bad though.

  26. Vince Liew

    Very creamy, very nice fragrant and it taste good too. Do not add too much water to it as it will dilute the milk, 130ml of water to mix is good for me though cos i like it thick and creamy. Nice milk with lot of goodness!

  27. GIJaneGoh

    This milk is not only low in fat but also packed with essential nutrients. The collagen, high calcium, and vitamin D content make it a perfect choice for a healthy body and a refreshing drink.

  28. Faizal A

    This is my 3rd purchase. Like the taste and will recommend to friends.

  29. Pramala

    Being a vegan, it’s often challenging to meet my calcium and vitamin D needs. Osteomilk is a plant-based alternative that doesn’t compromise on taste or nutrients. The added collagen is a unique bonus, making it a top pick for vegans like me.

  30. #99Elon

    Good milk with extra health functions, it tastes exactly like fresh milk although it is in powder form.

  31. YanAnne1972

    This milk can be thick and creamy provided you dont add in too much of water. I love the dairy taste of it and i have a habit to drink it every night before sleep. Can see some good changes on my face after taking it for almost a year now, friends are saying that i look younger and younger these days ;-p

  32. Loh Kien Hwee

    I’ve never been a fan of supplements, but getting collagen, calcium, and vitamin D through skim milk is a delicious and easy choice for me.

  33. BrendaBB

    Osteomilk has been a blessing for me in my golden years. The high calcium and vitamin D have obviously improved the strength of my bones, and the collagen has reduced my joint stiffness. I feel more agile and energetic now. Highly recommend for all seniors!

  34. busymummycass

    My children love Osteomilk so much that they stopped drinking coke! They love it when i put some ice cubes into their milk to make it cold.

  35. Lim Gook Eng

    Being in my 50s, I’m concerned about aging healthily. This milk with collagen, calcium and vitamin gives me what i needed. It’s delicious, and I feel like I’m taking good care of my body.

  36. Teo Meng Hoon

    My mom been drinking these for a long time. Good collagen milk.

  37. Marky***

    Got to know about osteomilk when i visited a bazaar at CSC. Tasted their sample drink and i like it right away, knowing that it is a functional food and not just a normal milk. Bought 2 packs of it to try and i am beginning to get addicted to it that i have to drink it every morning and night! Must try!

  38. kekyg65

    Nice & healthy milk beverage to drink when eating bread for breakfast!

  39. May Lim WL

    Having collagen, calcium, and vitamin D in one delicious milk drink is unbelievable.

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