JointMate Glucosamine 60’s


JointMate Glucosamine 60’s


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MarinEx® JointMate® contains premium grade glucosamine sulphate, extracted from shells of shellfish. Our glucosamine sulphate is one of the purest in the industry, at above 98% purity level.

For healthy joints

Packing size
10 boxes (60 capsules per box)
*4 capsules = $0.85/day
1 box = $17.13
5 boxes = $77.08 (10% discount)
10 boxes = $128.47 (25% discount)



JointMate contains premium-grade glucosamine sulphate, extracted from shells of shellfish. Our glucosamine sulphate is one of the purest in the industry, at above 98% purity level.

In capsule form:

  • Can be consumed at different time of the day and different dosages if required.
  • Easier to swallow and dissolve faster than tablets in stomach.
  • Does not contain binding agents.


  • Reduce stiffness and pain in joints
  • Stimulate the production of cartilage in joints, thus it is effective for treatment and prevention of osteoarthritis.
  • Maintain healthy joints and improve mobility

Main Ingredient (per capsule)

  • Crystalline Glucosamine Sulphate (derived from shell fish): 500mg (equivalent to ~ 320mg)


  • 2 capsules, twice daily.
  • Can be taken before or after meal.

If you are pregnant or lactating, please consult a physician before taking any nutritional product.


  • Store at room temperature below 30 degree celsius.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Clinical Studies
Glucosamine sulfate in osteoarthritis of the knee by Noak W, et al. Osteoarthritis 1994;2:51-9

Packing Size

10 boxes (60 capsules per box)

Additional information

Packing Size

1 box, 5 boxes (10% discount), 10 boxes (25% discount)

30 reviews for JointMate Glucosamine 60’s

  1. Christina Choo

    This product is a good for old folks like me. Jointmate keeps my joints away from pains and strains, allowing me to go for my daily evening my long walks around my neighborhood. Highly recommend it for all senior people.

  2. Amos Chong Wee

    I rely on my joints for my golf games, and jointmate glucosamine has helped me swing with so much ease. My handicap has never looked better!

  3. Chee Kiam Lau

    Sitting at a desk all day used to be so uncomfortable and caused so much strain on my back and shoulders. Thanks to this supplement, I can now work without much discomfort. Truly a desk job savior!

  4. sustlc

    I am 71 year old now, i have been taking jointmate for almost 4 years. I am tired of trying different products to improve my kneecap cartilage deterioration, but this glucosamine sulfate supplement is something which helped me regain my ability to slow jog at the age of 71.

  5. Maran Dean

    Good product for joint pain and discomfort, been taking this for 2 years, can see results.

  6. Teck Soon Lee

    After taking jointmate glucosamine for a while, and this one is my favorite. It’s made a significant difference in my hip and back pain.

  7. Moses

    This supplement has improved my hand dexterity, which is crucial for my work as a pianist. I can now play with ease, for long time!

  8. Vinod Kumar

    This glucosamine is a like savior for me. I’ve suffered from joint pains for years, and this product has finally given me relief on those sickening pains!

  9. Amy Chan Kim Geok

    This product is a must-pack for holiday vacations. I can enjoy long walks without any joint pain. It’s a vacation essential.

  10. CSC19610216

    I have taken many brands of glucosamine before, JointMate really is different. My joint pain has improved significantly, nowadays I’m able to move around more freely.

  11. Roger Teng

    I am 58 now and i’m a full time Grabcar driver, this product has helped me stay in the job. My joints especially my kneecaps feel better than ever after taking this product, and I can even play my tennis games without any worry now.

  12. 1WOPerryL

    As an army officer, my kneecaps pain has been giving me discomfort all the time. Jointmate has been working good in reducing my post-run pain and soreness, especially every time during all my outfield exercises.

  13. linda siew gh

    I am hesitant to try other supplement, jointmate glucosamine exceeded my expectations. My hip pain is almost non-existent already.

  14. Joiejunny

    I was skeptical about supplements, but this one has improved my hip flexibility. I can now comfortably cross my legs without pain. haha

  15. Goh HY

    I have been a regular user of Jointmate glucosamine for many years, it has been a good supplement for my joint issue all this while.

  16. Ron Lee Rong Hing

    Have to take this supplement for a while before you can see the effects, it is worth the wait though, really good for joint pains!

  17. Anil Prabu

    Bought this jointmate for my father’s daily supplement intake. It helps in his joint pains.

  18. Vincent@work

    As a biker, my knees were always aching. Thanks to marinex glucosamine, I can now hit the roads with much less discomfort.

  19. Jessy Tay Geok Hwee

    I am a cashier at NTUC and i work long hours every day standing at the cash register, jointmate keeps me on my feet for long hours and pain-free!

  20. Nuruldeniz

    My 4th time purchasing this. Good product recommended by my doctor and well packed! Thank you!

  21. Joe Tan KK

    This glucosamine help me continue to work without joint uncomfort even at 72 years old, as a taxi driver.

  22. Mr Chong

    As a retiree, this jointmate glucosamine supplement has helped me enjoy gardening every morning. I can bend, kneel, and work in my garden without joint pain.

  23. BeeJewel08

    Jointmate glucosamine is fantastic! It has made my yoga practice more comfortable, without pain on my joints after all the straining.

  24. WooHY#124

    I’ve tried a few different glucosamine supplements, and this brand is by far the most effective. It’s a must for anyone with joint issues.

  25. Emily Tan Lay Hoon

    I love to practice yoga, but the stress on my joints is immense. Jointmate glucosamine has significantly reduced my joint discomfort, making my yoga workouts more enjoyable.

  26. samggg

    This glucosamine works well to my joints, good product

  27. Daniel Wee

    My doctor recommended Jointmate for my osteoarthritis few years ago, and I’m grateful he did. The improvement now in my joint mobility is remarkable.

  28. Vince Teeson

    Have been a runner for years, and this is the best joint support I’ve found. Jointmate helps me maintain my passion for running without pain on my kneecaps.

  29. Lee Chye Tee

    As a senior citizen, I can confidently say that this brand of supplement glucosamine sulfate has made a huge difference in my everyday movements. I feel more flexible and pain-free after taking it.

  30. Joyce Chung Wai Leng

    As someone who suffers from joint discomfort all this years, Joint mate has been a good help. I can now move without much unbearable constant pain.

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