Glucoscare Sugar Blocker Tea


Glucoscare Sugar Blocker Tea


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GlucosCare Tea is made from 100% natural ingredients that helps to reduce the sugar absorption in the body. It is ideal people who more health conscious about lowering their level of sugar intake.

Researched and developed in Singapore, we are probably the only company in the world that has conducted multiple clinical trials for our product in various countries!

We recommend 1 tea bag after each meal. Add a slice of ginger or lemon to enhance the flavour. You can add fresh milk too!

*We recommend you to consult your doctor before consuming if you are pregnant and lactating woman

How to consume GlucosCare®️ Tea?:


What is GlucosCare herbal Tea ?

GlucosCare® Tea is scientifically formulated from 2 plants – Gymnema Sylvestre and Camellia Sinensis.

Gymnema Sylvestre (which literally means “Sugar Destroyer” in Sanskrit) is found primarily in the forests of Australia and South Asia. This natural herb has been used in South Asia for more than 2000 years as a traditional formula to control blood sugar level.


Camellia Sinensis (commonly known as green tea), is added for its antioxidant benefits in cell and tissue maintenance.


GlucosCare has been in the market for more than 20 years partnering with established companies as licensee / distributors locally and regionally. We are dedicated to ensure that all GlucosCare products are here to stay with it’s intended purpose focusing on your glucose health.


The Test of Effectiveness

Throughout the years, we have conducted both human and clinical trials in Singapore and varies countries to prove the effectiveness & safety of our product.

This includes high risk countries like Serbia, India, China, Blangalesh and Malaysia.

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1 Box, 2 Boxes (25% discount)

16 reviews for Glucoscare Sugar Blocker Tea

  1. roger

    Super fast delivery. Two sealed original boxes were very well packed in good condition cardboard box. Items have long expiry date, so I went for this second purchase from this seller who is also very responsive and helpful. Sample sachet calcium fresh milk was included also. Thanks seller. Well done

  2. jeshinlew

    I have been drinking this tea for more than 5 years. It works well so far! Price is cheaper than outside retail shop.

  3. ivykoh

    Been drinking for few years but my first time purchasing via online. I always purchased in Unity but I realize is cheaper via online. This sugar blocker tea works for me . Delivery is fast as well & was given bone booster trial drink to try. If it’s good I’ll come back to order for sure. Thank u

  4. celine

    Been drinking a couple boxes from pharmacies and better deal direct from this shop! Good tea in reducing sugar intake food and drinks absorption. Felt more healthy ever since. Received nicely packed and delivered in 2 days!

  5. limsweekee

    I have been drinking this tea to control sugar level many years. After drinking this tea my sugar level back to normal. So I continue drink to maintain my sugar level. thanks seller for the free gift.

  6. iekyee

    I have been taking this product a for long time. Since can get from Shopee and delivered to my doorstep, I will buy again.
    Packing is perfect. Shipper really takes care of the outer packaging.

  7. eshlynong

    Highly recommend. This is a very good tea for ppl with diabetes.

  8. sherina

    Been taking this tea for awhile for sugar and carbo control. It is effective but there is some side effect at the start. Change to buying from this seller for bigger packs. Price is cheaper than supermarket and delivery is fast too. Thanks seller for the free gift.

  9. jane

    Good sugar control for diabetes. Pleasant taste. Good value when sale

  10. jeshinlew

    My replenishment, I have been drinking this for more than 5 years. Really working fine !

  11. eshly

    Buy this for an elderly and he been taking it for months. He sugar level can control. Not bad.

  12. Vincent

    These sugar blockers boxes are very good health for reducing blood glucose and diabetics

  13. all6oog6oods

    Helps to stabilize my weight. I’m not diabetic. just want to control my carb intake

  14. Anthony

    Decided to buy as one day my fasting sugar is 6.3. After drinking for 2 weeks after meal, my level dropped back to 5.6

  15. Dorissa

    Shown improvement on blood sugar level after 1st box. Good product 👍

  16. anson_foo

    Have been using it for years and iy is indeed helpful in sugar level control with reasonable exervise and control diet. Cheer Healthy lifestyle proeduct.

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